Open Data Journalism for Change

LA NACION Data was launched as an open data journalism initiative. Its strategy is to create impact and change in Argentina through the use and promotion of open data journalism. Our main focus is to develop and facilitate data platforms based in public information and open data to serve in investigative journalism as well as in daily reporting and automated content.

Every day we update our data series indicators that are linked to visualizations that we embed in the articles of the day. All of this interactive infographics have a download button for the user to reuse the information or simply to give access to the historical database in an open format. and source. We have aproximately more than 200 databases that we frequently update and open to the public.  Seguir leyendo

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La Nacion Data’s team portfolio from Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019

La Nación Data is the data journalism unit from LA NACION in Argentina. We do Open Data Journalism for change, in order to better serve our audiences using data to discover and tell stories. We promote the use of open data and access to information in Argentina as evidence to keep governments accountable, enhance transparency and allow citizen´s collaboration in the process of journalism.

Much of our work and effort is invested in building datasets from scratch, cleaning, structuring and normalizing to make them accessible for our newsroom and our users in Argentina. But our objective is also to produce long-term investigations that encompass a multiplicity of topics of interest with the intention of producing a political and social impact. Here is a selection of this year´s work and strategy:  Seguir leyendo

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LA NACION´s Shopping Cart. Monitoring 2600 supermarkets and 170 product prices

LA NACION´s SHOPPING CART: monitoring 2600 supermarkets in 170 product prices


In March 2018, Argentina was one of the five countries with highest inflation according to the International Monetary Fund. The index climbed up to 47.6% anually according to official numbers. The jump of the exchange rate, higher than 100% also had an impact on the rise of prices on the supermarkets every week.

Given the country’s inflationary context, there are several sources of information about price variation, but these end-user reports are abstract numbers that do not reflect their daily reality and do not represent the real impact on their economy.

To understand how supermarket product prices evolve independently of the official measurements monthly informed, and to bring this measurement closer to the daily economy of the audience, we created “Changuito LA NACION“  (LA NACION Shopping Cart), a price monitor that allows a weekly and monthly monitoring of goods product by product such as noodles, soft drinks and liquors and toothpaste, among others. Its name refers to the colloquial way of naming the shopping cart.

The premise is to make price variation -an abstract subject that impacts on every household in an inflationary context- more contained in terms of everyday aspects and give control to end users . According to the study made in March of this year by D’Alessio IROL/Berensztein, inflation is the first concern of Argentine citizens, followed by uncertainty about economic situation and insecurity.  Seguir leyendo

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

On the occasion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, a complete coverage was planned. The production had to demonstrate the highest standards of journalism in an interactive and digital design. The objective was to inform and engage the audience in  two different stages:

The first stage consisted of a series of playful and social visualizations prior to the beginning of the World Cup. The articles were strategically conceived according to the schedule prior to the event: selection of the 23 players that were going to travel to Russia, the 11 players that were going to play on the first match,  a draw simulator of the different possible groups in which each country soccer team could be selected and their possible opposing team, and a result forecast for the people to play with and bet.

Instead, the second stage was focused on the real time results and matches: a fixture with the times, teams and matches, a calculator for the audience to estimate results and evaluate the possibility of passing to the next round, a game that allows the audience to score the players after each match, a live statistics visualisations of the amount of shoots and passes between players and their positions on the field throughout the game, the possibility to vote for the best goal of the world cup and a monitor of the speed and the distance runned by each player.

Russia 2018

Visualizations published before the Soccer World Cup


Days before the event and with the purpose of informing the methodology of the draw, an interactive was made that simulated the possible combinations that could result from the draw and thus allow the user to speculate with which teams could face the Argentine football team.



The day the coach of the Argentine football team informed the previous list of 35 players of which only 23 would be included in the final list, an interactive development allowed the reader to choose his/her 23 favorite players for the football team. With the data provided by the users, a ranking was formed in real time with the most and least chosen players. During the day the app was active, it obtained 113,340 unique users and an estimated time of 4.22 minutes.  Seguir leyendo

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