Census Project, 2001-2010

In April 21st, 2013 we launched “The Census Project”, a microsite that maps and organizes the main variables of the 2001 and 2010 Argentina census. It was a step by step process with different skills needed, as usual in our Data Projects. Step 1: Embracing Hacktivism gave born to this initiative The initiative began last year, during a Hacks / Hackers… Seguir leyendo Census Project, 2001-2010

2013 Legislative Elections in Argentina

  Introduction LA NACIÓN produced a multimedia and multiplatform coverage of the 2013 parliamentary elections with a focus on innovation through database journalism as the fundamental tool to show the contents in a new way and to present the information transparently for the electorate and citizens in general. To add value to the press coverage… Seguir leyendo 2013 Legislative Elections in Argentina