Public officials salaries and assets for reporting and accountability

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LA NACION decided to fight for transparency in public officials salaries and declaration of assets as we feel that even in a country without FOIA, journalism and citizens must know and share what they know about how politicians earn their money, and how they compare with others or with other periods. This is a tool that is also helping detect cases of corruption, regarding public spending and companies owned by official´s relatives or friends.

To aggregate stories, we integrated the news application with the open dataset and´s CMS using a TAG that gathers all the stories that are coming out about these Declarations of Assets or salaries of the president and ministers we also requested and opened .

Main stories and data:


– Open statements of assets from Argentina’s main public officials (News App)

– President’s private secretary resigns after his wealth come to light




– Making public the salaries of the President and ministers in less than 24 hours



– Salaries of officials of the City of Buenos Aires: a minister complaint, a payslip and the wrong data from the Government

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