The 30 years of Democracy in Argentina´s Anniversary


Recent history of Argentina changed completely on sunday 30th, 1983. Raúl Alfonsin won the elections and became president which meant, returning to democracy and ending the period of military dictatorship.

To cover this anniversary LA NACION developed a transmedia experience that allowed users simulate a real time elections coverage with digital platforms but using the 1983 original content.

They could experience in real time, 30 years later, this historical elections. This implied an intense research work into our archives, together with multimedia and other materials so as to offer context information like social movements during the weeks previous to the elections, the TV and radio spots and caimpaign ads from Raul Alfonsin , and the newspaper´s front pages.

For us it was a different way to live again this special moment, using present technologies but not in a traditional digital coverage that would be a secuential one way production. This simulated coverage was live from October 19th to November 1st, 2013, based in a narrative that was spread by social media.

Revive history, in real time  

Through the Twitter account @LNvoto83 the coverage published exclusive documents that were crucial to simulate those days in real time and transport users throuth time. All this tuits were published with the hashtag #Voto83.

There , minute by minute multimedia material, partial vote counts tables, live speeches (at the exact hour but 30 years after), and historical TV spots were published. This process lasted two weeks.

The transmedia experience was complemented with articles about relevant aspects or those years, including pictures, print historical editions from LA NACION newspapers, all recovered from it´s archives after weeks of research.

Full coverage of 30 years of Democracy in Argentina

VIDEO: Live the historical act and Ricardo Alfonsin´s speech after asumption in Buenos Aires Obelisc

VIDEO: TV spots of Ricardo Alfonsin and other candidate´s campaigns

Slideshow with photos:

Historical images tweeted:

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