Ranking of absence in Congress: which are the political party factions with more absences

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As part of the Legislative Elections in 2017, an analysis of absences was made among representatives from the last renewal of seats in December 2015 to September last year. The number of absences in the Lower House at the moment of voting was analyzed and it was further detailed according to each political party and the Province that elected them. Finally, it was made a list with the names of the representatives with more absences and those representatives who were never absent.

Many of the members wanted to be reelected so the purpose of this article was to show the percentage of representatives who are present to cast their vote.


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Letters to the Presidents

 How this project began

At La Nación Data we are always aware of those areas of government which produce public interest information and, however, are not well known.

If we look at the flow chart of the Government Administration, we found that there was an area named Dirección de Documentación Presidencial (Presidential Document Department). We searched for its creation regulation to see the responsibilities and we found that said department was in charge of receiving all the letters, mails and oral requests addressed to the President of the Nation.

Said department has not any website to show statistics or any information regarding their functions. That is why, we prepared a request for access to public information to access the material concerned: the letters to the President.

Request for access to information

This request took the teamwork of LA NACIÓN Data almost one week, since letters include personal data and we had to be careful enough to avoid the release of such type of information and focus, instead, on the content of the document sent to said department.  Seguir leyendo

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Vozdata II: civic participation for investigative reporting, open data and educational platform

VozData is a collaborative tool to convert public documents trapped in closed formats into a structured database. Information proccessed is suitable for general audience understanding and for journalists to analyse and report.  The application was inspired by The Guardian “MP´s Expenses” and  Propublica´s “Free the files”.

VozData´s first initiative was Senate Expenses (Argentina), divided in 3 different periods. Over the course of a couple of months, LA NACION digitized more than 10000 PDF.  Team work was fulfilled by 1000 volunteers. Data obtained was published online in real time in the form of rankings of recipients and type of expense. The platform also includes ranking of users that review and classify documents.

At the end of each data project, LA NACION´s data team reviewed representative samples and published the dataset in open data formats for download (CSV, XLS, etc). The Code driving Vozdata was open sourced by OpenNews Fellows and named Crowdata.

Aggregated LA NACION’s reporting on Senate Expenses, including findings in Vozdata projects.

Vozdata VIDEO Demo in english

CIVIC OPEN COLLABORATION: Partnering with NGO’s and Universities, and general audience!

Students of Universidad Torcuato di Tella – Masters in Journalism during a civic marathon al LA NACION

During May 2014 we started a campaign to try to finish “the stack of PDFs” of the first set of Senate Expenses during #SemanadeMayo that is a patriotic week and culminates May 25th. This historical day of 1810 is well known with a phrase “El Pueblo Quiere Saber” “People wants to know”. So we decided to organize what we named “Civic Marathons” for opening data using Vozdata.


We made  banners for social media and got shared via LA NACION & LNdata twitter and Facebook accounts.  Seguir leyendo

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DATAFEST 2014 – Opening Data for others to Mine

DATAFEST 2014 – Opening Data for others to Mine – LA NACION and Austral University (Data Mining Masters and Communications School)


On October 31 and November 1st, 2014, La Nación and Austral University (Faculties of Communication and Engineering (Data Mining)  carried out the third edition of Datafest, the first event in the country for opening, mining and visualizing public data, which gathered more than 300 participants per day.  This event is aimed to promote the use of public information, no matter what format it´s in.  LA NACION Data team prepares and opens data specially for it, including data dictionaries to explain each dataset and it´s sources. This is summarized as links to different datasets in this link 

but also available in our Open Data Catalog for other to download, embed  or access through our API  here.

The Nacional and City of Buenos Aires governments presented new datasets available in open data format, and LNData team presented and explained other datasets tranformed from PDFs and opened as raw materials for data miners.

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