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Project Description

LA NACION DATA website is not just a website, it´s a strategy, a project and a team. The strategy has to do with the commitment of using data to tell stories and expand the use of data, preferably open data, to activate demand of public information, in a country that just passed a FOIA law.

The internal strategy is to work in teams with journalists, tv producers and infographers so we just facilitate the data and help in the investigation or analysis, but they are the ones who domain the topic and know how to tell the stories.  Seguir leyendo

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Using DevExtreme, HTML5 and Javascript to connect reusable data visualizations with updated data

Since 2012 keeps an open data catalog, with updated datasets. Besides, we report stories with open data published in Google Spreadsheets .

Most of these datasets are manually updated and we use Tableau Public to illustrate most of our stories with interactives as we cannot afford to have developers, we have only one.

Since 2013 our dataviz designer learned D3.js and javascript to develop our own visualizations and we detected many reusable ones that could serve as useful context information for many stories.

He selected DeveXtreme: a crossplatform HTML5 / Javascript tool to create responsive web applications for touch enabled devices and traditional desktops.

Examples 1)  Dollar: official and “blue” prices of dollar conversion to pesos, daily updated


Example 2) Central Bank stock of dollar reserves (Reservas del Banco Central) , weekly updated  Seguir leyendo

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CartoDB for Elections Mapping

The LNData team with Manuel Aristarán, Mozilla OpenNews fellow 2013, developed an interactive map that allowed visualization of the results of the 2013 parliamentary election  in the different voting centers of CABA and Buenos Aires province. Also there was access to the details of the telegrams from all tables for more information.

The map in CartoDB combined the geo-localization of voting centers with the number of votes and the distribution of those votes by party in each center. The size of the bubble on the map represented the difference between the winner and the runner-up. 

The team did a pilot test for the primaries (known here as PASO) and repeated the experience in the October 27 election.

How the results turned out in the school that you voted?


Stages of the process and the technology used for preparing data before visualizing in Cartodb  Seguir leyendo

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Open Data Catalog using Junar Open Data Platform


[UPDATED April, 2016] In  March 2012 we launched our “Data Dashboard” or Data Store and we keep updating the  database.

This site hosts the datasets is opening and is powered by “Junar” an open data platform. We integrated this platform that helps our readers download data, embed datastreams or share them in social media.

The platform has an API so than any user can download all data in a single action.

As a way to ease navigation and serve our users we are offering special catalogs for inflation in Argentina from different sources as this is a very controversial and sensitive information in Argentina.



We programmed the data flows and procesess to keep this information updated.

Read more here:  Seguir leyendo

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VozData: collaborating to free data from PDFs – The Senate Expenses part II

VozData screenshot

1. Introduction

VozData is a collaborative tool for converting public documents trapped in PDFs into a structured database that all citizens can understand and journalists can report from.

The application is inspired in “Free the files” by and “MP´s Expenses” by The Guardian; it allows readers and users to be part of the process of checking documentation that is vital for citizen participation and control of information produced by governments.

The first project of this initiative focused on expenses by the National Senate and included 6500 renditions of accounts issued by the General Accounting Office (Dirección General de Contaduría) of that chamber for the years 2010, 2011, and 2012, published on the official site of the institution.

Senate Expenses is a project that continues the investigation of the same name, winner of the 2013 DJA (See more here). LA NACION had a great number of public documents in PDF format that presented enormous difficulties for processing, and even applying six different OCR engines, valuable information is still being lost.  Seguir leyendo

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The 30 years of Democracy in Argentina´s Anniversary

Recent history of Argentina changed completely on sunday 30th, 1983. Raúl Alfonsin won the elections and became president which meant, returning to democracy and ending the period of military dictatorship.

To cover this anniversary LA NACION developed a transmedia experience that allowed users simulate a real time elections coverage with digital platforms but using the 1983 original content.

They could experience in real time, 30 years later, this historical elections. This implied an intense research work into our archives, together with multimedia and other materials so as to offer context information like social movements during the weeks previous to the elections, the TV and radio spots and caimpaign ads from Raul Alfonsin , and the newspaper´s front pages.

For us it was a different way to live again this special moment, using present technologies but not in a traditional digital coverage that would be a secuential one way production. This simulated coverage was live from October 19th to November 1st, 2013, based in a narrative that was spread by social media.

Revive history, in real time  

Through the Twitter account @LNvoto83 the coverage published exclusive documents that were crucial to simulate those days in real time and transport users throuth time. All this tuits were published with the hashtag #Voto83.

There , minute by minute multimedia material, partial vote counts tables, live speeches (at the exact hour but 30 years after), and historical TV spots were published. This process lasted two weeks. Seguir leyendo

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