LA NACION, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019

La Nación was founded in 1870 by former President Bartolomé Mitre. It is the most prestigious national newspaper in Argentina, well known for its quality journalism, investigative reporting and editorial integrity. It’s Brand has expanded and today it has the website with the mobile and social media versions, the Tv news channel, and several magazines including Hola!, and Argentine Rolling Stone.

LA NACION August 13, 2017

In 1995 we launched our website and became the first massive online newspaper in Argentina. Since then, the main premise of is to maintain journalistic excellence while taking advantage of new technologies as an indispensable tool for innovation. has 32,500,000 unique browsers per month and this year became the first online media in Argentina to achieve 200,000 paid subscribers. We are part of the Group of Newspapers of America (11 main newspapers in Latin America Consortium) and we are known for being the most innovative digital media of Latin America and the most awarded as well. 

This year was special because our Driver’s Notebooks investigation, won the The International Prize King of Spain (Rey de España), and the National Investigative Journalism Prize of the Argentinean Journalism Forum (FOPEA). Also, this year we won the World’s Best Designed Newspaper award of the Society for News Design (SND) and our data unit, LA NACION DATA was finalist in 3 categories of the GEN Data Journalism Awards.

LA NACION’s Tv set 

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING:Investigative journalism is the core of our newsroom. We work with editors and journalists of each section who are interested in public transparency and willing to innovate with new tools and storytelling techniques. We specialize in deep digging and research, following breadcrumbs which lead to rigorous and powerful stories.

A recent example of this is the The Driver’s Notebooks of Corruption investigation. This investigation formally began on January 8, 2018, when Diego Cabot, an investigative journalist from La Nación was given eight notebooks that exposed Argentina´s greatest corruption scandal ever. We built a structured dataset from this handwritten notebooks,  we transcribed all the information into an Excel database and began analyzing each one of the records. Then, we verified and checked the information by crossing it with other multiple sources such as official and company records, corporate information, public works contracts. This verification process was used to carry out a strict process of standardization and structuring of data in which currency and descriptions were unified and names and addresses were standardized.  Seguir leyendo

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La Nacion Data’s team portfolio from Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019

La Nación Data is the data journalism unit from LA NACION in Argentina. We do Open Data Journalism for change, in order to better serve our audiences using data to discover and tell stories. We promote the use of open data and access to information in Argentina as evidence to keep governments accountable, enhance transparency and allow citizen´s collaboration in the process of journalism.

Much of our work and effort is invested in building datasets from scratch, cleaning, structuring and normalizing to make them accessible for our newsroom and our users in Argentina. But our objective is also to produce long-term investigations that encompass a multiplicity of topics of interest with the intention of producing a political and social impact. Here is a selection of this year´s work and strategy:  Seguir leyendo

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

On the occasion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, a complete coverage was planned. The production had to demonstrate the highest standards of journalism in an interactive and digital design. The objective was to inform and engage the audience in  two different stages:

The first stage consisted of a series of playful and social visualizations prior to the beginning of the World Cup. The articles were strategically conceived according to the schedule prior to the event: selection of the 23 players that were going to travel to Russia, the 11 players that were going to play on the first match,  a draw simulator of the different possible groups in which each country soccer team could be selected and their possible opposing team, and a result forecast for the people to play with and bet.

Instead, the second stage was focused on the real time results and matches: a fixture with the times, teams and matches, a calculator for the audience to estimate results and evaluate the possibility of passing to the next round, a game that allows the audience to score the players after each match, a live statistics visualisations of the amount of shoots and passes between players and their positions on the field throughout the game, the possibility to vote for the best goal of the world cup and a monitor of the speed and the distance runned by each player.

Russia 2018

Visualizations published before the Soccer World Cup


Days before the event and with the purpose of informing the methodology of the draw, an interactive was made that simulated the possible combinations that could result from the draw and thus allow the user to speculate with which teams could face the Argentine football team.



The day the coach of the Argentine football team informed the previous list of 35 players of which only 23 would be included in the final list, an interactive development allowed the reader to choose his/her 23 favorite players for the football team. With the data provided by the users, a ranking was formed in real time with the most and least chosen players. During the day the app was active, it obtained 113,340 unique users and an estimated time of 4.22 minutes.  Seguir leyendo

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Automated data-driven content

The project was born in the context of 2017 elections, with the purpose of creating news articles automatically from datasets using templates and allowed us to cover much more detailed results for all Argentina´s territory, so we did it to cover 530 districts with their results and local maps.

Then we found this could create an opportunity to help the newsroom in its usual work process in repetitive news that are data driven and that can be supported with series and graphs. So we began to produce daily and weekly articles, automated through a systematic collection of data from different sources and topics.

All these automatically generated articles are accompanied with infographics, images and interactive visualizations that are created from the automatic loading of data in Google Spreadsheets.

The first subjects covered by this project were thought in terms of the interest of the Argentine citizens: dollar, inflation and Argentine football. Three central subjects in the everyday life of our country.

Examples of automated data-driven content in LA NACION:




Dollar , daily currency exchange

In Argentina the price of the Dollar has an important place in the life of the population. Every Argentine citizen knows the daily exchange rate because the fluctuation and volatility of the value of the Peso makes it necessary its daily monitoring. Our economic history developed an eternal distrust in the national currency in the Argentine people. And since the threat of recession and devaluation is always latent, a large part of the population´s savings are in Dollars. In addition, there is also the factor of high rates of inflation that prevents saving in Pesos because it quickly loses value. In fact, people are so interested in this topic that it has a permanent place in the home of all media.  Seguir leyendo

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