Where did the main political forces win and loose votes

In 2017 were the legislative elections in Argentina. Not only the new representatives of the Congress are elected, it is an opportunity for the political forces to measure their power in each province.

The map shows the 2017 Elections results for each political force, and the user can compare them with the primary elections and with the 2015 presidential elections of 2015.

This tool not only displays the votes results in absolute values, also the percentage of votes that each political force won or lost. The user can click on each province and see the result for each location in in a pop-up

The innovative thing is the design, the way of presenting the information. We chose to represent the provinces of our country through squares, and give each one a simple graph of arrows that reflect that percentage of votes each politcal force won or lost.


How we did it?

We looked for the official data results of: the presidential elections of 2015, the primary elections 2017 and the general elections 2017.

With all the information, we categorized the political forces according to three major groups: the party Cambiemos, the party that responds to the Kirchnerismo and the peronismo no kirchnersita.

The political groups that do not identify with these three forces were not taken into account.

We used: d3js, underscore.js, jquery, css3, sass, node, gulp.

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Candichat, an interview to the candidates through WhatsApp

Date of publication


>>> Live Link <<<


Description of the project

This project was conceived to join citizens and candidates to legislator in view of the crucial legislative elections in Argentina in 2017. To achieve an attractive experience for any user, it was designed a platform which simulated a conversation with politicians through WhatsApp -the communication means most widespread among Argentine people. Answers were real and questions had been already made to candidates who privately answered through WhatsApp to a LA NACION journalist. All candidates were made the same questions, and then each user may choose any question to “chat” with his/her candidate. When LA NACION interviewed candidates through WhatsApp, they were specially asked to use all available resources of the communication application: audio, emojis, videos, etc.  Seguir leyendo

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Project Description

Since 2011 LN Data has been a strategy, a content initiative and a team whose goals are to facilitate open data journalism in LA NACION and impact for change in Argentina.

Our team has been formed by the same initial three members, Ricardo, data engineer for investigative reporting in LN Data, Flor, research and training in digital media trends and open data and Momi Peralta. We grew from there year after year. Today we are 10, including  data miner Gaby, data producer Romina, two back and front end developers Nico and Cristian, a librarian and archivist Gabriela and two journalists with data and scripting skills Carolina and Bianca 2017.

But the truth is that  we are never just 10 because our strategy is not to be a special centralized investigative unit, but a platform for all our newsroom to facilitate data, innovation, technology and skills for data journalism crossing all platforms and sections including LA NACION in its Tv channel.

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Mapping Prosecutor Nisman phone interceptions


Date Published


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Project Description* 

We reused our database of 200 hundred audios and for a new anniversary of Prosecutor Nisman’s assasination, we published an interactive map to listen audios by location, as a playlist.  Seguir leyendo

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The speeches of Macri: Visualizing and Fact-checking.

>>  Take a look  to the published project “Behind the speech of Macri: checking and findings” . Experiment the look and feel.


The explanation and behind the scenes

This visualization was the result of great teamwork. La Nación and Chequeado (factcheking NGO) joined efforts to publish a journalistic high impact graphic piece to analyze the speech of President Mauricio Macri on the opening day of regular congressional sessions. After an exhaustive planning and coordination, 60 persons took part in different stages of the project.

Detail of the digital application.

The application consists of 3 tabs containing different analytical approaches: Seguir leyendo

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The Political Maze 2015

The candidates for president in Argentina are already immersed in the complex electoral race with focus on arriving to the Casa Rosada by the end of 2015. A good exercise for voters is to explore as a wayback machine and review the political past of each candidate, and get more background beyond their promises or public statements.

LA NACION launched by the end of 2014 The Political Maze 2015”, an interactive tool for visualizing the political path made by the major candidates and crosses between them in different political parties during previous elections.  Seguir leyendo

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El laberinto político 2015

Los precandidatos a presidente en la Argentina ya están inmersos en la compleja carrera electoral con el foco en llegar a la Casa Rosada a fines del 2015. Un buen ejercicio para los votantes es hacer el camino inverso y revisar el pasado de cada uno de ellos, una manera de conocerlos más allá de sus promesas o declaraciones públicas.

Para realizar ese recorrido, LA NACION presento antes de finalizar el año 2014 El laberinto político 2015, una herramienta interactiva que permite visualizar el camino realizado por los principales postulantes y los cruces entre ellos a lo largo de las elecciones de los últimos añosSeguir leyendo

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