2.1 Political labyrinth

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The pieces developed in the period previous to the election focused on presenting complete information on the candidates in a friendly way with databases specially organized for this. Political labyrinth is an application created specifically to visualize the political story of the main candidates in the October 2013 legislative elections, discovering past alliances, contradictions and party gyrations. Also the reader could choose the circuit for several candidates and compare and find coincidences or divergences in the past.

Technology used and stages of the process

The project implied the following technical stages of this work:

-Building databases with information on each candidate in the different election years (from the 2001 elections to 2014). What political party each candidate belonged to at each moment. What elective post they were aspiring to. With whom they had an alliance at the time.

-The application was designed to encompass the complexity of what we wanted to show, considering 3 variables (name, political party and year), which implied a challenge, with a triple combination of data. Links, photos and videos were added to the information on each candidate for the different years.

-Finally, the programmer worked with that database and developed the application for the design using the following technologies:
D3.js + Queue | Select2 | Handlebars | jQuery + easing | Shadowbox | Grunt.js

The program allowed the comparison between several candidates, comparing information of more than one person.

The databases were always available for the readers to download the files.

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The candidates past: a labyrinth of turns and alliances

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