2.2. Congress seats in real time

 Congres seats in real time app screen shot

At the time of the election interactive pieces were produced to see in real time the results in a new manner, with databases previously created. For example, the seats in the Deputies and Senators chambers were completed live with the complete names and political parties of those that won them as soon as the electoral results were in. The political orientation colors “colored” in real time the balance of power between the parties in the new Congress.

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This is how the new Congress is looking: see the distribution of seats in real time

Technology used and stages of the process

The project implied the following technical stages in the work:

– Creating the databases with the complete lists of all candidates of all the parties in all provinces of the country. Also, a color was assigned to each political orientation, so that it would appear in the visualization of the balance of between the parties in both chambers.

– A program was developed that could calculate in real time on the election day which of those candidates received the necessary votes to win seats and which did not.

– The information in the databases combined with the results of the election obtained live drew automatically the hemicycle with the seats, based on the program created.

– The design for this piece allowed a real time view of the hemicycle and how the seats were dividing according to the different political orientations, including also the names of the new legislators and also a comparison with the previous composition of the Congress, to show the changes in the party distribution.

The databases were always available for the readers to download the files.

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