Calculators and simulators


Technology allows us to present information in more attractive formats, which give the audience the possibility to experience how news impact on their own reality and how information can become palpable.

Face to changes in public services rates, or new state subsidy programs, readers can estimate how current events can affect their lives.

This year, new topics in home economics had to do with mortgage loans. So we did two simulators.

First, about mortgage loan with a percentage of capital subsidized by the states. This credit is calledProcrear“,simulator that allows the user to know their financing possibilities in a practical way. 

Link to the Procrear simulator

After the success of entries to the note of the Procrear simulator, we decided to create a simulator that compares the rest of the options available in the mortgage market.

After several months of hard work between programmers, designers and commercial managers, we presented at LA NACION digital the first project based on open data and with the possibility of monetization: the mortgage loan calculator, a tool for the user to compare all offers In one single place.

Link to the tool 

Learn more about this project here

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