The Political Maze 2015


The candidates for president in Argentina are already immersed in the complex electoral race with focus on arriving to the Casa Rosada by the end of 2015. A good exercise for voters is to explore as a wayback machine and review the political past of each candidate, and get more background beyond their promises or public statements.

LA NACION launched by the end of 2014 The Political Maze 2015”, an interactive tool for visualizing the political path made by the major candidates and crosses between them in different political parties during previous elections. 


The reader can select up to four candidates at a time by clicking on the images.

SELECTION OF CANDIDATESAfter selecting the desired images, animated line charts appear with the results, often striking as they highlight partnerships that have been forgotten and / or curious twists within political parties.


Behind every picture the user will find candidate’s personal data. Then, after sliding the mouse on a selected line chart, it will offer more information on the selected date.

Thus then, the tool shows the highlights of the path of eligible succesors to Cristina Kirchner.

In each election year, a brief overview allows placement of candidates in different stages of Argentina’s political life, with photos, videos or file notes that contextualize each period.

> You can browse amicably from cell phones, tablets and monitors
> All comparisons made by users can be viralized in different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
> The programmer worked with that database and developed the application for the design using the following technologies:
D3.js + Queue | Select2 | Handlebars | jQuery + easing | Shadowbox | Grunt.js
> Structured data is downloadable in open format (.csv)  and its code is open source and accessible from Github.

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