Using DevExtreme, HTML5 and Javascript to connect reusable data visualizations with updated data


Since 2012 keeps an open data catalog, with updated datasets. Besides, we report stories with open data published in Google Spreadsheets .

Most of these datasets are manually updated and we use Tableau Public to illustrate most of our stories with interactives as we cannot afford to have developers, we have only one.

Since 2013 our dataviz designer learned D3.js and javascript to develop our own visualizations and we detected many reusable ones that could serve as useful context information for many stories.

He selected DeveXtreme: a crossplatform HTML5 / Javascript tool to create responsive web applications for touch enabled devices and traditional desktops.

Examples 1)  Dollar: official and “blue” prices of dollar conversion to pesos, daily updated


Example 2) Central Bank stock of dollar reserves (Reservas del Banco Central) , weekly updated 



Example 3) Inflation: official and Congress CPI variations: updated monthly


Example 4) Vehicles patented (registered) per month: updated monthly


Example 5) Real estate amount of propertie´s transactions in City of Buenos Aires, updated monthly


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