Chronology of a violent day: the most dramatic hours


Date of publication


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Description of the project

It was a minute-by-minute coverage of the events occurred the day of the legislative debate of the pension system reform at the House of Representatives at the City of Buenos Aires. Several social organizations made protestation in different areas of the city to show disagreement about the bill submitted by the Executive Power.

A few minutes before constituting quorum for the transaction of business, it began a violent confrontation between demonstrators and the police which resulted in a historical day of violence: there was commotion in the streets of Buenos Aires with wounded people, persons under arrest and damages.

What makes this project innovative?

Although many news articles have been written on this regard, the order of information established for this article was useful for people to have a better comprehension of events and an order of the events in the middle of an information chaos. The use of infographies, photographs and videos were useful to show the audience a more correct dimension of the most important event of the last few weeks of the year. 

Besides, this work shows both sides of the same coin. On one hand, the violent confrontation between the police and the demonstrators outside the Congress, on the other hand, the heated discussions on the floor during the legislative debate of the pension system reform.

What is the impact of the project?

The project was useful to accompany in a visual and ordered manner. During the day, there were chaos and uncertainty, so the logic of information was a key element to narrate the event, that had far-reaching repercussion in our audience and the figures related were satisfactory: 21.573 visits in general, 12.797 visits in particular and a permanence of 4 minutes 25 seconds.

Source and methodology

A group of journalists and photographers were at that place looking for relevant information about the event. The editorial office took these data into account to create useful pieces to narrate events in a visual manner. Then, the designer team developed the infographies. Speed and immediacy were key factors to do this work on real time.

Technology used

We created our database on a Google Spreadsheet and we uploaded the information collected on said platform. The scrollytelling was prepared in HTML and CSS3. This scrollytelling uses Javascript as main motor to generate the logics of information.

As regards Breaking News, besides the CMS of the website, we have developed web templates with a special format to show texts, photographs and videos. Said templates receive information from the Spreadsheet and they may contain texts, url of images and maps.

Besides, these templates allow to organize contents in accordance with what is intended.

By means of Javascript, we accessed these Spreadsheets as a database to prepare the HTML file and change it according to what is happening at that moment. This gives us a better flexibility than a regular CMS.

The team

Florencia Fernández Blanco, Pablo Loscri, Nicolás Rivera, Gastón de la Llana

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