Open Data Catalog using Junar Open Data Platform



[UPDATED April, 2016] In  March 2012 we launched our “Data Dashboard” or Data Store and we keep updating the  database.

This site hosts the datasets is opening and is powered by “Junar” an open data platform. We integrated this platform that helps our readers download data, embed datastreams or share them in social media.

The platform has an API so than any user can download all data in a single action.

As a way to ease navigation and serve our users we are offering special catalogs for inflation in Argentina from different sources as this is a very controversial and sensitive information in Argentina.



We programmed the data flows and procesess to keep this information updated.

Read more here: 

Official Statistics: Don´t lie to me Argentina – The Economist Feb 25, 2012

Inflation Tab. Official stats are half of private ones, so we present both CPI data, as well as other from 4 provinces , a consumers association price index (ADELCO) and a private index “Inflacion Verdadera”, daily updated.

Official Advertising data dashboard.

Census 2001-2010 variables.

Senate Expenses collected and opened with Vozdata crowdsourcing platform.

Polititians salaries open data: National and City of Buenos Aires executive government ministers salaries. E.g. MPs declarations of assetts.

We made this tutorial for our users.


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