2013 Legislative Elections in Argentina




LA NACIÓN produced a multimedia and multiplatform coverage of the 2013 parliamentary elections with a focus on innovation through database journalism as the fundamental tool to show the contents in a new way and to present the information transparently for the electorate and citizens in general.

To add value to the press coverage and not repeat classical approaches, the 2013 Elections project included the development of different interactive and research pieces using data as the primary source.

These contents were included/ grouped in a specific item of the coverage called The electoral magnifying glass (La lupa electoral). Journalists from both platforms (online/paper) worked on the productions of this category. In fact, many of the works published in this space were generated by editors that were in the Data Journalism Program, a LA NACIÓN special training program for its journalists. The project lasted 6 months. 15 people participated. It was an internal challenge for the company, since it implied the integration and the joint work of the paper and online staff, the LNData team, and the Product and Marketing areas.

Real Time Data Generating and Analysis

Election 2013 case summary projects: 

1. Newsroom research with data bases as the primary source:

1.1. Opposition candidates that seek to renew their mandate, with those most absent from sessions at the top

1.2. X-ray of 16 candidates according to their behavior relative to 10 key laws





2. Interactive pieces with data: 

2.1. Political labyrinth

2.2. Congress seats in real time


2.3. The new electoral map, live

2.4. Map of electoral criminality, live

2.5. The results of the election in each polling in CartoDB





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LA NACION newsroom
Jorge Liotti (Editor en Jefe, sección Política, Edición impresa)
Martín Dinatale (Editor de Política – Edición impresa)
Gastón Roitberg (Secretario de Redacción, lanacioncom)
Diego Japas (Jefe de contenidos multimedia, lanacioncom)
Florencia Fernandez Blanco (Jefa de actualización, lanacion.com)
Juan López (Jefe de realización, lanacioncom)
Rodrigo Santos (Responsable Redes Sociales, lanacioncom)
Laura Serra
Lucrecia Bullrich

Nación Data Team
Momi Peralta Ramos
Gabriela Bouret
Romina Colman
Ricardo Brom
Manuel Aristarán
Florencia Coelho

Planning and General Coordination
Florencia Fernandez Blanco (Jefa de actualización, lanacion.com)
Guadalupe López (Desarrollo Multimedia)

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