LA NACION, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019

La Nación was founded in 1870 by former President Bartolomé Mitre. It is the most prestigious national newspaper in Argentina, well known for its quality journalism, investigative reporting and editorial integrity. It’s Brand has expanded and today it has the website with the mobile and social media versions, the Tv news channel, and several magazines including Hola!, and Argentine Rolling Stone.

LA NACION August 13, 2017

In 1995 we launched our website and became the first massive online newspaper in Argentina. Since then, the main premise of is to maintain journalistic excellence while taking advantage of new technologies as an indispensable tool for innovation. has 32,500,000 unique browsers per month and this year became the first online media in Argentina to achieve 200,000 paid subscribers. We are part of the Group of Newspapers of America (11 main newspapers in Latin America Consortium) and we are known for being the most innovative digital media of Latin America and the most awarded as well. 

This year was special because our Driver’s Notebooks investigation, won the The International Prize King of Spain (Rey de España), and the National Investigative Journalism Prize of the Argentinean Journalism Forum (FOPEA). Also, this year we won the World’s Best Designed Newspaper award of the Society for News Design (SND) and our data unit, LA NACION DATA was finalist in 3 categories of the GEN Data Journalism Awards.

LA NACION’s Tv set 

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING:Investigative journalism is the core of our newsroom. We work with editors and journalists of each section who are interested in public transparency and willing to innovate with new tools and storytelling techniques. We specialize in deep digging and research, following breadcrumbs which lead to rigorous and powerful stories.

A recent example of this is the The Driver’s Notebooks of Corruption investigation. This investigation formally began on January 8, 2018, when Diego Cabot, an investigative journalist from La Nación was given eight notebooks that exposed Argentina´s greatest corruption scandal ever. We built a structured dataset from this handwritten notebooks,  we transcribed all the information into an Excel database and began analyzing each one of the records. Then, we verified and checked the information by crossing it with other multiple sources such as official and company records, corporate information, public works contracts. This verification process was used to carry out a strict process of standardization and structuring of data in which currency and descriptions were unified and names and addresses were standardized.  Seguir leyendo

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